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About Me.

Sunstoney AA - Julianna Photography-42.jpg

Sunstoney is a singer-songwriter & producer based in VA making dreamy indie pop.  Sunstoney explores themes of radical self-love, and self-discovery, believing that everyone deserves to love yourself and the vessel you are in. Her latest release "2079" has garnered praise from indie music blogs like Earmilk sharing, "her expressive songwriting style explores self-love and being confident in one's skin regardless of societal pressures." and District Fray Magazine highlighting her music is "filled with intentional stylizing, yearning melodies, and vivid lyrics. We are under Sunstoney’s spell, entirely taken away by her timeless sound." Her upcoming EP "The Mirror is Calling", will be released in April 2024, taking her listeners on another soul-pop driven escape!

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